Carbon Fiber Tubular Inside Micrometer Graphite Fiber Micrometer


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Carbon Fiber Tubular Inside Micrometer Graphite Fiber Micrometer

            Unlike other standard micrometer made of seamless steel tube,  IM-250201 series micrometer is made of Carbon Fiber Which is used in aerospace, civil engineering, military, and motorsports, along with other competition sports.. There are many advantage of this mateiral. Light in weight, Strong and Durable!" Carbon Fibers are nothing but a 21st. century high technology material. The micrometer only 4/5 lighter than normal steel tube micrometer. It is very easy to carry large range micrometer such as 150-2000mm, 150-3000mm, 150-4000mm, 150-5000mm, 150-6000mm. It also has Excellent Dimensional Stability and Heat Resistance, Carbon Fibers have low heat expansion ratio and high dimensional stability. Inspector needn't worry about body temperuture can influence the measuring result. 


  • - Light in weight. Easy to handle for large size micrometer, Largly reduce the international shipping cost and easy to carry from one place to another. 
  • - High stiffness, high tensile strength, High Rigid
  • - High chemical resistance, Anti acid
  • - High temperature tolerance and low thermal expansion


Order NO.RangeRodsResolution
IM-250201 100-1000mm 25,50,100(2pcs)200,400 0.01mm
IM-250202 100-1200mm 25,50,100(2pcs),200(2pcs),400 0.01mm
IM-250203 100-1400mm 25,50,100(2psc),200,400(2pcs) 0.01mm
IM-250204 100-1500mm 25,50,100,200(2pcs),400(2pcs) 0.01mm
IM-250205 100-2100mm 25,50,100,200,400(4pcs) 0.01mm
IM-250206 150-2100mm 25,50,100(2pcs)200,400 0.01mm
IM-250207 1000-2000mm 25,50,100(2pcs)200,500 0.01mm
IM-250208 1000-3000mm 25,50,100(2),200,500,1000 0.01mm
IM-250209 150-3000mm 25,50(2),100,200(2),400(3),1000 0.01mm
IM-250210 150-4000mm 25,50(2),100,200(2),400(3),1000(2) 0.01mm
IM-250211 150-5000mm 25,50(2),100, 200(2),400(3),1000(3) 0.01mm
IM-250212 150-6000mm 25,50(2),100, 200(2),400(3),1000(4) 0.01mm


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Monday 03 December, 2018

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