Digital LCR Meter Capacitance Meter resolution of 0.001Hz


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Digital LCR Meter Capacitance Meter resolution of 0.001Hz

       AT2818 is powerful instruments up- to  professional -level LCR meter. It is widely used in quality controal. compoents manufacturing and insepctions, researching. This model possesses all of function you need for inspecting. It is wide frequency range of 10Hz to 300KHz made it possible for professional user to evaluate LCR compoents, materials and semiconductor devices. The products also includes a built-in comparators.     

Main Features: 

  • TFT-LCD Display;Cearly shows all measurments parameters. 
  • With Open and short correction options. 
  • Comparator Function: 10 files,14 bins: P1~P9,NG,AUX, HI, IN, LO
  • Interface: RS232C Easy to be connected to PC with USB and handler Interface;
  • High accuracy: 0.05%+5
  • Key lock function 
  • Test signal monitor: Vm and Im;Avarage rate: 1~200times
  • Measurement Terminal: 5 terminals; 
  • Specifications:
    • Parameters:Cs-Rs,Cs-D,Cp-Rp,Cp-D,Lp-Rp,Lp-Q,Ls-Rs,Ls-Q,Rs-Q,R-X,Z-θrad,Z-θdeg 
    • Monitor Parameters:Z, D, Q, θr, θd, R, X, G, B, Y, Vac, Iac, Δ, Δ% 
    • Accuracy:0.05% ±5 
    • Frequency:10Hz~300kHz(continuous frequency, frequency resolution 0.001Hz) 
    • Display Range 
       L: 0.00001μH-999999H 
       C: 0.00001pF - 999999μF 
       R,Z: 0.00001Ω - 99.9999MΩ 
       D,Q: 0.00001 - 999999 
       Θ(deg): -179.999 ° -179.999 ° 
       Θ(rad) : -3.14159 – 3.14159 
       Δ%: -999999% - 999999% 
    • Source Resistance:30Ω, 50Ω, 100Ω 
    • Range:Automatic, Manual, and nominal, 9 ranges 
    • Display Max:6 digital, principle parameter: 999999; sub parameter:999999; monitor parameter: 999999 
    • Signal Level:0.01V - 2.00V (10mV Step) 
    • Speed:30t/s, 10t/s, 6 t/s, 3 t/s 1-256 times average is available 
    • Comparator:14-bin sorting, 10-bin GD, 1-bin NG, 1-bin AUX,2-bin principle parameter NG; Count Function: Max - 999999 
    • List Scanning:10 group frequency and level scanning measurement 
    • Adjustment:Open & Short circuit sweep frequency reset,3 point frequency reset and load calibration. 
    • Files:10 group files to save user's setting, 1 group to save system data real-time 
    • Interface:RS232C, ExHandler interface,standard configuration USB Disc interface (article 10000 data) 
    • Others:LCR Automatic selection, keypad lock,SCPI instruction set, true-color TFT-LCD Display 
    • Power Supply 
    Voltage: 90V AC - 250V AC Frequency: 50Hz - 60Hz Max Power: 20VA 
    • Dimension & Weight:264mm (width)x107mm(height)x350mm(depth) 4kg 
    • What is in the package: 
    ATL501: Test cable 
    ATL607: Test Fixture 
    ATL600: Short-circuit device 
    ATL801: 232 Communication cable 
    Parameters Cs-Rs, Cs-D, Cp-Rp, Cp-D, Lp-Rp, Lp-Q, Ls-Rs, Ls-Q, Rs-Q, R-X, Z-θrad, Z -θdeg
    Monitoring Parameters Z, D, Q, θr, θd, R, X, G, B, Y, Vac, Iac, Δ, Δ%
    Accuracy 0.05% ± 5 dgt
    Frequency 10Hz - 300kHz (continuous frequency, frequency resolution 0.001Hz
    Display Range L: 0.00001μH to 999999H
    C: 0.00001pF to 999999μF
    R, Z: 0.00001Ω to 99.9999MΩ
    D: 0.00001 to 9.99999
    Q: 0.00001 to 99999.9
    Δ%: -999999% to 999999%
    θdeg: -179.999° to 179.999°
    θrad: -3.14159 to 3.14159
    Source Resistance 30, 50 and 100Ω
    Range Automatic, manual and nominal
    9 ranges
    Display Max 6 digital, principle parameter: 999999
    Sub parameter: 999999
    Monitor parameter: 999999
    Signal Level 0.01V to 2.00V (10mV steps)
    Speed 30t/s, 10t/s, 6 t/s, 3 t/s
    1 - 256 average is available
    Comparator 14-bin sorting, 10-bin GD, 1-bin NG, 1-bin AUX, 2-bin principle parameters NG; count function: MAX - 999999
    List Test 10 ground frequency and level scanning measurement
    Adjustments Open and short circuit sweep frequency reset, 3 point frequency reset and load calibration
    Files 10 group files to save user's settings, 1 group to save system data in real-time
    Interfaces RS232C, EXHandler, standard configuration USB Disc interface (article 10000 data)
    Other Information LCR Automatic selection, keypad lock, SCPI instruction set, true-colour TFT LCD display
    General Specs  
    Power Supply Voltage: 90V AC - 250V AC
    Frequency: 50Hz - 60Hz
    Max Power: 20VA
    Size 264mm (width) x 107mm (height) x 350mm (depth)
    Weight: 4kg


    Measurement Speed  

    Fast: 30 readers per second;
       Medium 2: 10 readers per second;
       Medium 1: 5 readers per second;
       Slow: 1.5 readers per second. Simultaneity, you can specify the averaging factor within the range of 1 to 256 in steps of 1Averaging Factor to improve performance.




    Supplied by ROK International Industry Co., Limited

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