Inch Type Pin Gauge Set


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Inch Type Pin Gauge Set

            Pin gauge is the gauge used for inspecting the hole tolerance. Normally, it much smaller with whole metal. It is same as limit plug gauge.  While limit plug gauge is larger than pin gauge. Inch type is supplied for Imperial unit country , such as USA. MX. Each gauge is marked size and tolerance. The tolerance can be + or -. Pin Gauge normally inspect holes only several mm. 

Part No: GB-63101
    ---Laser Marking Size, 
    ---All gages within 0.0002 
    ---Hardness: 60/62HRC
    ---Packed with fitted box
    ---Ohter size is available
    ---Made of high quality bearing steel. 
    ---Highly ground surface
Without Handle With Handle Black With Handle                
Part No Part No Part No Pcs Type Size
GB-63101 GB-63201 GB-63301 50 M0 Plus
GB-63102 GB-63202 GB-63302 50 M0 Minus
GB-63103 GB-63203 GB-63303 50 M0 Plus 0.115-0.605
GB-63104 GB-63204 GB-63304 190 M1 Plus 0.061-0.250
GB-63105 GB-63205 GB-63305 190 M1 Minus 0.061-0.250
GB-63106 GB-63206 GB-63306 190 M1 Plus 0.0615-0.2505
GB-63107 GB-63207 GB-63307 250 M2 Plus 0.251-0.500
GB-63108 GB-63208 GB-63308 250 M2 Minus 0.251-0.500
GB-63109 GB-63209 GB-63309 250 M2 Plus 0.2515-0.5005
GB-63110 GB-63210 GB-63310 125 M3 Plus 0.501-0.625
GB-63111 GB-63211 GB-63311 125 M3 Minus 0.501-0.625
GB-63112 GB-63212 GB-63312 125 M4 Plus 0.626-0.750
GB-63113 GB-63213 GB-63313 125 M4 Minus 0.626-0.750
GB-63114 GB-63214 GB-63314 82 M5 Plus 0.751-0.832
GB-63115 GB-63215 GB-63315 82 M5 Minus 0.751-0.832
GB-63116 GB-63216 GB-63316 84 M6 Plus 0.833-0.916
GB-63117 GB-63217 GB-63317 84 M6 Minus 0.833-0.916
GB-63118 GB-63218 GB-63318 84 M7 Plus 0.917-1.000
GB-63119 GB-63219 GB-63319 84 M7 Minus 0.917-1.000


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Sunday 16 July, 2017

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