Bore Gauge

            The Cylinder bore gauge is a measuring tools which is designed to measuring the interior size of a hole, cylinder, or pipe, comprises at least two concentrically and rotatably arranged members connected by a helically wound spring member. The spring member is capable of contacting the inside surface of the tube and causing relative rotation of the members thereby indicating the internal diameter of the tube. In conjunction with a micrometer or master calibration rings, a bore gauge can give an exact reading of bore size. The measurement is derived by inserting the base of the bore gauge into the opening to be measured and moving the base gently until it exactly fits the diameter of the opening. A dial bore gauge has a base with a fixed point on one side and a protruding stud on the opposite side that will retract when it contacts the inside wall of the pipe or cylinder. A spring-loaded centralizing mechanism in combination with the one fixed and one moving point provide very exact measurements. These gauges may have variable sized bases for use with a variety of opening sizes or they may have interchangeable extension studs to adjust the base size. Normally, there are two type of them according to different display.  one attached dial indicator and the other attached digital indicator. Dial bore gauge lives its name and widely used by professional Users. As it is low cost and water  proof. while digital one can read fast and direct than dial one.  Rok International can oem as depth as 2000mm dial bore gauge with faster delivery time. 

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