Welding Gauge

              Welding Gauge is an important NDT Inspection tools, Widely used in inspect bridge, boiler, bulding, or other welding joints. Different customers use different terms.  Such as: weld Gage, welding Gage or weld gauge. There are many type of gauge, different gauge has different purpose for inspection. Some inspect fillet, Some inspect leg, some inspect butt , So on and so forth. ROK International provide customers with full range of gauge with hight quality. . In fact, Weld Gage is one of visual methods include checks before (root face, gap, bevel angle, joint fit), during (electrode consumption rate, metal flow, arc sound and light), and after welding (under cut, root fusion issue, pin holes, excessive spatter, weld dimensions). The gauge are made by stainless steel, used to tell welder or inspecter the welding is good or bad, in other words, if the welding meets the requirements. Like Thread gauge, it provide Go or NO Go. It is not used for measure the length or angle. but only comparison with standard. Rok International provide at least 20 types of welding gauge for different measuring purpose. For eaxample, Hi-Welding Gage measures internal alignment of pipe after fit-up/ alignment. This cuts radiographic rejects. It measures internal misalignment of pipe before and after tacking, While bridge cam gauge measures angle of preparation, 0 to 60 º, excess weld metal ( capping size), depth of undercut, depth of pitting, fillet weld throat size, fillet leg length, misalignment ( high-low), and linear measurements up to 60mm or 2 inches. Some countries use their own designed gauge.  China uses WG-401, while Russia welding inspector use WG-802.  As one of China measuring tools manufacturer and suppliers. Rok International supplies products with high quality. Its products earned tremendous popularity among welders. Its welding gauge can cover all aspect of welding inspection.

             Why you choose ROK International ? 

            1. High accuracy, All gauges are manufactured with Standards. 
            2. Low price but good quality
            3. Fast Delivery, Most of products and material are in stock.  Manufacturing time is short
            4. Made of high quality stainless steel, ensure good quality
            5. Accept OEM service.  Marking your logo on the gauge. 

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