caliper, micrometer, angle gauge

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600mm 1000mm Dial caliper long range

1000mm Digital caliper with 300mm 400mm 500mm 600 long Jaw

Digital electronic dial Indicator 0.001mm

Inside groove digital caliper with engthened upper jaw

Universal measuring instrument with moveable jaw comparator

Universal measuring instrument ID/OD comparator gear thread taper or recess

Guitar string action gauge fret slot depth

Shingle gauge measuring tool for roof shingle

Digital radius gauge electronic arc meter semidiameter gauge

2 sided screen gauge stainless steel

Non magnetic micrometer free from magnetism

3D edge finder 3D tester dial type

Thread pitch diameter comparator

Dial snap gauge for batch quality inspection

Digital snap gauge electronic quick inspection go/ no go gauge

Gear Indicator snap gauge

IP 65 digital thickness gauge

DIN measuring table with universal dial indicator holder

Measuring table for dial Indicator with DIN standard

Precision measuring table DIN 876