caliper, micrometer, angle gauge

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IP 65 digital thickness gauge

DIN measuring table with universal dial indicator holder

Measuring table for dial Indicator with DIN standard

Precision measuring table DIN 876

Precision granite surface plate

Dial indicator vacuum stands for granite plates

Powerful vacuum base for dial indicator

Universal dial indicator base with T and V slot

Universal Indicator stand with T slot

DIN standard magnetic stand 70kg force

DIN standard dial indicator magnetic base super powerful

Universal dial indicator magnetic base mini type 18kg force

Mini Universal dial gauge holder magnetic base

Magnetic stand 100KG force 370mm stem

Magnetic indicator base aluminium stem heavy duty

Dial indicator stand heavy duty 80KG

Hydraulic universal dial Indicator magnetic base

Universal magnetic stand aluminium stem dial gauge holder

Dial indicator magnetic base flexible arm dial holder simple-flex

Magnetic stand flexible stem all position clamping