NDT Instruments flaw detector

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Digital ultrasonic Flaw detector crack detection machine

Roughness specimen block surface finish comparator

Surface finish comparator plates roughness standards sets

Stereo zoom microscope pole stand

Nuclear radiation detector geiger counter meter X-ray dosimeter

Non-destructive sponge-type holiday detector pin hole detector

4-7 steps wedge for ultrasonic thickness calibration block

Carbon steel 1018 calibration block

R100mm curved surface CSK-IB calibration block

35 to 75 degree BS2704 and ISO 7963 calibration block

Ultrasonic calibration block with ASTM E164 and BRR/AWS standards

750kg test force magnetic hydraulic brinell hardness tester scale

NDT instruments digital magnetic brinell hardness tester

Chain hydraulic brinell hardness tester GB ISO ASTM standards

3000kgf test force brinell hardness tester BHN hardness

Pin brinell hardness tester with 7.26mm steel ball indenter

0-20HW aluminum webster hardness tester scale ASTM

7 inch touch screen digital viscometer caplastometer viscosity meter

RTD temp probe digital fluidimeter viscosimeter with 5 inch screen

Liquid-crystal display digital rotational viscometer