NDT Instruments flaw detector

NDT Instruments

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Concrete surface roughness tester Ra Rz Rq Rt

Single crystal ultrasonic thickness gauge 0.2-26mm tester 4 model

Ultrasonic thickness gauge echo pulse two model

Underground pipe leak detector 0.03-5Km

Buried pipe protetion coating leak detector

Underground pipe coating leakage detector 0.03-10Km

Pencil hardness tester durometer 3 in 1 coating scratch hardness meter

DC Gauss meter magnetic gauss sensor probe

Personal radiation detector dosimeter PRDs X ray gamma

Portable hardness tester accessories support ring

Portable leeb hardness tester impact tester

Portable leeb hardness tester with printer

Digital ultrasonic Flaw detector crack detection machine

Roughness specimen block surface finish comparator

Surface finish comparator plates roughness standards sets

Stereo zoom microscope pole stand

Nuclear radiation detector geiger counter meter X-ray dosimeter

Non-destructive sponge-type holiday detector pin hole detector

4-7 steps wedge for ultrasonic thickness calibration block

Carbon steel 1018 calibration block