Optical Instruments

Optical Instruments

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Magnifying glass for antique jade jewelry newspaper reading hand lens

4 Ways aritculation industrial endoscope camera

Digital night vision moncular 5X digital zoom

Night vision monocular CMOS digital photo shooting video

Digital whiteness meter separated probe

Powder surface whiteness tester

Flat surface whiteness meter R457

Handheld whiteness meter with storage

Whiteness meter leucometer 0-120

Optical density meter 0-6 OD densitometer

Portable transmission densitometer NDT optical density meter

Transmission densitometer black and white density meter 5.0D

Thermal imaging cameras for human temperature uncooled FPA

Fire fighting thermal imaging camera searching for persons

Thermal imager uncooled FPA microbolometer IR isotherm

Uncooled FPA thermal imaging camera night vision 120×120

Portable infrared thermal imaging camera 384×288

Thermal imaging camera 11 color palettes thermographic camera

IP65 Thermal camera infrared scanning ROI heat sensing 200×150 pixels

UTi120 Cell phone infrared thermal imager