V block layout tool

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2-4-6 Setup block layout tools parallel blocks with holes parallel block

High quality steel setup block 23 hole 1-2-3″ parallel block

Steel parallel set with 3″ length 1/8 thickness steel parallel block

4 pairs steel parallel set 3/16 thickness 6″ long

Thin 1/32 20 Pairs thin steel parallel set 1/16” intervals

8″ Steel parallel set with holes

Inch type 1/4 inch steel parallel set 6 inch long parallel block

4 pairs alloy steel parallel set 6 Inch parallel block CNC machine vise

Inch precision steel parellet sets in pairs parallel block with hole

Inch 1/2″ Precision steel parallel sets 4 pairs parallel block

Machinist metric steel parallel sets 18-32 pairs hardened

Engineering 100mm 150mm pairs precision steel parallel sets

Metric precision steel parallel sets with 47-52HRC hardness

Precision steel parallel set

Non-magnetic v-block

Magnetic V blocks in pairs

Magnetic v block Larger powerful magnetic v holder magnetic v block

Magnetic V Block with turn off button

Steel and aluminium magnetic square block

Magnetic square block made of steel and Copper