Survey and Construction

Survey and Construction

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Digital Measuring Wheel 159mm diameter

Measuring wheel small survey distance rolling trundle wheel

Measuring wheel 9999.9m trundle wheel distance measuring

Automatic laser level 32X levelling dumpy surveying instruments

IP67 automatic level 32X dumpy level builder’s level

48X level automatic surveying dumpy leveller auto

40X Automatic levels erect builder level with compensator

High magnification stability automatic level

Low Cost auto level surveying dumpy level builder’s level

20-36X Economical automatic level surveying levels

Rebar concrete scanner integrated rebar locator 180mm depth

Sclerometers calibration block

Mortar sclerometer rebound hammer

Wear proof sclerometers brick rebound tester hammer

Integrated wireless sclerometer concrete rebound test hammer

Concrete rebound test hammer sclerometer 10-60MPa

Sclerometer digital rebound test hammer with voice resiliometer

Sclerometer integrated voice digital test hammer

Sclerometer high strength concrete rebound test hammer

Concrete rebound test hammer resiliometer