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TCT hole saw cutter set tungsten carbide holesaw bit

High speed steel hole saw hole cutter drill bit

14-230mm Bi Metal hole saw cutter drill bit

Bi Metal hole saw drill bit cutter M42

60pcs tap and die sets SAE standard

45Pcs tap and die set

24pcs Metric tap and die set M5-M12

USB Logic analyzer circuits 2g testing memory depth digital

Three phase digital volt and amp meter 600V voltmeter frequency tester

Digital 3 phase voltmeter AC 600V current phase

non contact 3 phase rotation meter live wire examination sequence indicator

Contactless phase rotation meter AC 70 – 1000 V phase sequence Indicator tester

Non-contact 3 phase sequence meter phase sequence indicator

Ultrasonic flow meter clamp-on transducer liquid

Concrete surface roughness tester Ra Rz Rq Rt

Single crystal ultrasonic thickness gauge 0.2-26mm tester 4 model

Ultrasonic thickness gauge echo pulse two model

Rebar concrete scanner integrated rebar locator 180mm depth

Ground resitance tester 30k Ohm with clamps soil resistivity measurement

Digital insulation resistance tester 5000V megohmmeter High Voltage