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non contact 3 phase rotation meter live wire examination sequence indicator

Contactless phase rotation meter AC 70 – 1000 V phase sequence Indicator tester

Non-contact 3 phase sequence meter phase sequence indicator

Ultrasonic flow meter clamp-on transducer liquid

Concrete surface roughness tester Ra Rz Rq Rt

Single crystal ultrasonic thickness gauge 0.2-26mm tester 4 model

Ultrasonic thickness gauge echo pulse two model

Rebar concrete scanner integrated rebar locator 180mm depth

Ground resitance tester 30k Ohm with clamps soil resistivity measurement

Digital insulation resistance tester 5000V megohmmeter High Voltage

Digital insulation resistance tester 0.01MΩ~200GΩ

Three phase harmonic power quality analyser with CT

600mm 1000mm Dial caliper long range

1000mm Digital caliper with 300mm 400mm 500mm 600 long Jaw

Handheld digital automotive oscilloscope

Digital tablet oscilloscope 100MHz bandwidth

UT612 LCR meter inductance capacitance tester

Co5 slotted taper and deburring countersink

Deburring countersink drill 60 degree taper

Countersink 90° DIN335C HSS