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Pistol-grip three point bore gauges 6-300mm

Analog two point internal micrometer

Digital two point micrometer inside micrometer 50-300mm

50-600MM tubular inside micrometer sets with extension rods

Steel tubular inside micrometer set 150-6000mm for large inside diameter

Tubular inside micrometer extension rod 25-1000mm

Carbon fiber tubular inside micrometer 100-6000mm

Electronic tubular internal micrometer 150-4000mm

Inside micrometer for inside screw thread pitch interchangeable anvil

Single rod inside micrometer internal diameter measuring tools 50-500mm

Double jaws caliper jaw inside micrometer

u-Digit 0.001 internal micrometer with counter

IP 65 Caliper jaw inside micrometer DIN ISO standard resolution 0.001mm

Caliper jaw digital internal micrometer offset and rounded jaw ends

Mechanical caliper jaw inside micrometer

Mechanical groove micrometer for measuring groove width

Internal and external groove micrometer

3 Point digital bore micrometer 200-500mm 200-1000mm inside micrometer

Mechanical 3 point bore micrometer 200-300mm hole diameter measuring tools

Digital three point inside micrometer 100-150mm 150-250mm 200-300mm