How to use depth gauge


1. When using the thin rod depth gauge for the first time, please open the battery compartment and put the battery in with the positive “+” facing outward. If the number on the display does not move, please remove the battery and put it in again after a minute.

2. Loosen the locking screw, press the switch key to start the electricity, and check whether the display screen and each key work abnormally.

3. Convert by unit and select mm/inch unit system.

4. Place the measurement base on the platform (such as a marble platform), move the ruler frame to make the end face of the stylus flush with the measurement base, and press the reset button to clear it, and then normal measurement can be performed. If you press the reset button during use, you need to re-level the base surface and the stylus when using it again.

5. When the measurement base surface is not long enough, Inspector can contact the factory to select the extended base surface and use it in conjunction with the extended base hole.

6. After use, please wipe the ruler with a dry and clean cloth, and maintain the metal parts with anti-rust oil, which can effectively prolong the service life.