What is Density balance and How to use it

The density balance adopts a high-precision weighing system and strict measurement procedures, so that the density is directly displayed on the display screen. Thereby, the tediousness and human error of manual conversion are greatly reduced. Density balance operation is simple, direct, clear and clear. Meet the requirements of density determination in various industrial applications and scientific research departments. Density balances are widely used in electronics industry, rubber industry, plastic industry, wire and cable manufacturing industry, shoe industry, sporting goods industry, food industry, cosmetic industry, paper industry, mechanical processing industry, powder metallurgy industry, tire manufacturing industry, automobile industry , research institutes, chemical research institutions and other departments.
How to use a density balance correctly?
When using a density meter or using the balance for a period of time, it must be calibrated first to ensure the weighing accuracy. Remove the items on the weighing pan, press the TARE key to clear the display, press the CAL key to enter the calibration menu, full-scale calibration, half-scale calibration . For calibration, press the full-scale or half-scale weight prompt to place a calibration weight of the corresponding weight on the weighing pan, and press the CAL key to display “ACAL” and start the calibration: (1) If the calibration value weight reading is displayed, the calibration is complete and return to weighing mode. (2) If “noCAL” is displayed, the calibration cannot be performed and the weighing mode is returned.
If the weight error of the calibration weight exceeds ±1% of the indicated weight or due to large vibration and airflow, the calibration will not be carried out, restore the factory calibration value, select the “UNSPAN” item, press the MODE key, and the balance will return to weighing after completion. Mode, select “ESCAPE” item, press MODE key, the balance will not perform calibration operation and return to weighing mode.

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